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   Country Style Pet Food

It's only Natural to feed Natural!!
Grrrrrr, come get some all natural pet food.....
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How do I Order?.

How to order?
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Price comparison.  
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Feed Rates
Feed rates for Tucker Tub Pet Food.
Junior to Adult Dogs,


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Worms in Pets
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Bad Pet Breath
Pet Breath??? 
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Tucker Tub Pet Food is "easy as"

Want to know more? 
"Your One-Stop Feed Shop"

Tucker Tub is a simple and easy to use "Home Delivered" Pet Food service, delivering only All Natural and wholesome food for your pet using quality ingredients delivered in easy to use re-sealable tubs for your convenience, and just think,

NO heavy containers to carry home,

NO smelly cans to pollute your bins,

NO cans & un-necessary packaging to go into land fill,

We collect the empty tubs on a change over basis doing our bit for the environment by reusing our tubs.

Once established, we take all the hard work out of your hands and into ours.

We offer:-

Free Delivery:- We deliver to your door - free of charge*.     (*if you are in our serviced areas.)

Empty Tubs are picked up on a change over basis (And then we re-use them)

User Friendly:- Supplying Country Fresh Pet Food in re-usable tubs for your convenience, simply keep the tub in the fridge and scoop out your daily requirements.

Shelf Life:- is very limited due to the absence of preservatives, so you can generally get 5 to 7 days after defrosting the product. Care must be taken to keep product refridgerated at all times, failure to do so may seriously shorten shelf life.

Delivered Frozen:- Because that's the preservative we use!

Quality Ingredients:- Using Prime Quality Beef, Lamb, Mutton and Chicken of the highest and freshest standards and country fresh vegetables, rice, pasta and all things nice.

Quality Assurance:- Accredited by the Victorian Meat Authority.

100% Pure - 100% Natural - 110% Great Service
Doesn't Your Pet Deserve the Best?

How do I order?

To begin, just contact us so we can ascertain if you are in our currently serviced areas, and then, if you are, your local distributor will contact you and arrange a menu to suit your pet and your needs. The more information you can give your distributor about your pets and their dietary needs, the easier it will be to arrange a suitable menu to best fit your requirements.

Your distributor will deliver your pet food right to your front door, once a week or with an arranged delivery schedule.
Please return the empty tubs on the day of delivery and we will replace them with full ones. 

We have a range of pet food to suit most kinds of diets and nutritional needs, we can help your pets to increase weight, to maintain weight, to lose weight and even for special dietary requirements.

Price Comparison?

Our product range is generally cheaper than most "Name" brands of canned pet food and most of the "Specialty" and "Vet" recommended pet foods.
Have a look at our products in the "Product Gallery" and when you compare the price be sure to divide the cost by 7 to give you a daily cost.  Check out the weekly chart below to calculate the size tub required to get your daily allowance for a week, use the "Weight per Day" column as a guide.:-
These Charts calculate cost & weight per day over a week for our Cooked and Raw tub variety.

Raw Product from Raw Pet Food Range



Weight per day

Cost per day


1 kg




1 kg
1 kg


3 kg




3 kg


5 kg




5 kg
Cooked Product
From Cooked Food Range
Weight per day
Cost Per Day
1 kg

3 kg
5 kg
15 kg

* Prices are subject to change without notice

Healthy Choice

No Preservatives

No Chemicals

No Added Flavours

Australian Owned

Australian Made

Quality Assurance

Competitive Prices

Beef & Pasta Casserole

Chicken & Rice Stew

Chicken & Pasta

Chunky Chicken

Raw Chicken Mince & Garlic

Raw Beef Mince

Raw Beef Chunks

Raw Roo Mince

Raw Veal Mince

Raw Rabbit Mince

Raw Beef Mince plus Veg

Beef, Chicken & Veg Loaf

Chicken Savoury Loaf

Diet Health Loaf

Fresh Chicken Necks

Fresh Cut Veal Bones

Fresh Cut Neck Bones

Fresh Cut Roo Tails

Cobber Country Dog

Cobber Work Dog

Cobber Puppy Dry

Black Hawk Adult

Black Hawk Puppy

Black Hawk Grain Free

Black Hawk Cat

Savoury Krunchies

Pigs Ears

Split Pigs  Trotters

Liver Treats

Baked Mixed Treats

Baked Biscuits

Dried Chicken Breast

Dried Chicken Leg Fillets

Dried Chicken Necks

Dried Chicken Feet

Beef Jerky

Dried Duck  Fillets

Dried Roo Tails

 Grrrrr, naturally better pet food...Tucker Tub Pet Food...Our reputation is your Yeahhh, give me some...guarantee...