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   Country Style Pet Food

It's only Natural to feed Natural!!
Grrrrrr, come get some all natural pet food.....
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Shepparton and Surrounds 
is available now.!
Please contact maxann for any further information.

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Now a proud Distributor of 100% Australian Made BLACK HAWK Super Premium Dry Food for Puppies, Adult Dogs and Cats.

See Dry Food section in "Our Products" for description and price.


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Feed Rates

Tucker Tub Pet Food is country fresh.

Tucker Tub Pet Food is a Home Delivery service providing  ALL Natural Pet Food made from Wholesome real meat Providing Food for your pet of the highest quality delivered, in easy to use resealable tubs for your convenience, and just think,

NO heavy containers to carry home,

NO smelly cans to pollute your bins,

NO cans & unnecessary packaging to go into land fill   We collect the empty tubs on a change over basis doing our bit for the environment.

Our product range is:-

All Natural Fat Reduced

Allergy sensitive products

Arthritis & joint food available

NO Added Preservatives

NO Added Chemicals

NO Added Colourings 

AND Great Value!


Australian Made

Australian Owned


'Yes, we support Australian Farmers'



Victoria only.

Currently we service central, western and northern Victoria down as far as Werribee and up as far as Shepparton and Echuca, from Greensborough over to Bendigo, Heathcote, Seymour, Kilmore, Castlemaine etc
If you are unsure if we service where you live, then Please check if your area is serviced by simply contacting us via our contact page and if we service where you are then we will pass on your information to the distributor for your area (if you have one).
Contact Us Please click the "Contact Us" image and we will take you to our contact page.
Or phone 0357 843541, anytime and leave a message.



Distributor Vehicle
Tucker Tub Pet Food is based in Broadford Victoria, and provides a pet food delivery service direct to peoples homes.
Providing your in one of our serviced areas, we also offer *free delivery and friendly service.
Distribution is via a dedicated distributor for your area who will look after your pets needs on a regular basis, see "Our Distributors" for their area & contact  information.
Our Distributors
All products are delivered frozen to your door, locking in the freshness without the use of preservatives or chemicals.
Click on the image to go to "Our Distributors"


Our Factory Tucker Tub Pet Food facility is located in regional Victoria in Broadford.
This is where we make and distribute all the pet food.
Click the image to have a look at our "place".

Healthy Choice

No Preservatives

No Chemicals

No Added Flavours

Australian Owned

Australian Made

Quality Assurance

Competitive Prices

Beef & Pasta Casserole

Chicken & Rice Stew

Chicken & Pasta

Chunky Chicken

Raw Chicken Mince & Garlic

Raw Beef Mince

Raw Beef Chunks

Raw Roo Mince

Raw Veal Mince

Raw Rabbit Mince

Raw Beef Mince plus Veg

Beef, Chicken & Veg Loaf

Chicken Savoury Loaf

Diet Health Loaf

Fresh Chicken Necks

Fresh Cut Veal Bones

Fresh Cut Neck Bones

Fresh Cut Roo Tails

Cobber Country Dog

Cobber Work Dog

Cobber Puppy Dry

Black Hawk Adult

Black Hawk Puppy

Black Hawk Grain Free

Black Hawk Cat

Savoury Krunchies

Pigs Ears

Split Pigs  Trotters

Liver Treats

Baked Mixed Treats

Baked Biscuits

Dried Chicken Breast

Dried Chicken Leg Fillets

Dried Chicken Necks

Dried Chicken Feet

Beef Jerky

Dried Duck  Fillets

Dried Roo Tails

 Grrrrr, naturally better pet food...Tucker Tub Pet Food...Our reputation is your Yeahhh, give me some...guarantee...